Your body is your paintbrush

not your canvas


Body kindness is about letting go of the struggle to change our bodies --- their size, their shape, their condition --- and embracing them as they are.


It's about replacing self-judgment with self-compassion.


It's about listening to and caring for our bodies the way we listen to and care for people we love.

As a health coach, I have listened to hundreds of people talk about their bodies. I've heard a lot of dislike, struggle, negative self-talk. And as a woman in a body in this culture, I have shared these experiences.


We were not born feeling this way about ourselves. We learned it. We can UNLEARN it.

There is no magical diet, exercise program, or pill that can make us feel ok in our own skin. It is deeper, inner work that involves thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and practices.


It doesn't mean you wake up every morning and say "I love my body." That may be too much to ask. It means you think about it less and spend less energy trying to change it.


It means that what you look like matters less.

It means freeing up your mental real estate for things that are more important.

It means living by your deepest values.

It means seeing your body as an instrument rather than a visual representation of who you are. 

The tools of body kindness include intuitive eating, joyful movement, health at every size, self-compassion, and mindfulness.

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Let's Cultiivate Kindness Together
(c) Dana L. Barron, PhD, 2019